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Access to European Union: law, economics, policies.

The ultimate textbook on the European Union.
19th updated edition, Rixensart, 2011.
ISBN 978-2-9601045-0-9

Its many editions in various languages attest the international prestige of this book. Access to European Union: law, economics, policies is the only book giving an overall picture of the European construction and, moreover, a new picture in each new edition. In a precise and systematic way it leads the reader inside the labyrinth of European policies. It explains the European institutions and their policies, their objectives and their 'acquis'. It provides numerous and exact references to the Official Journal of the European Union, so that the reader can easily find the authentic texts of European law of his or her particular interest. It presents more than 500 bibliographic references to select new books and articles on all policies of the EU.

The book of Nicholas Moussis is unique from several points of view:

  • it gives an original approach of the European multinational integration process based on an empirical analysis of the development, multiplication and interaction of common policies;

  • it analyses the evolution of the European Community/Union (EC/EU) through the stages of customs union, common market, economic and monetary union and explains the need for a political union;

  • it analyses and explains all the internal and external policies of the EC/EU and the role of each in the integration process;

  • it is updated continuously so as to follow the rapid evolution of the common policies and the increasing number of Member States and tasks of the Union;

  • it uses an interdisciplinary approach to explain the economic effects of the common policies and of the legislation based on them;

  • the book provides exact references to over 2.500 legal acts and documents of the European Community/Union, thus guiding the reader in the maze of the Eur-lex portal of the European Commission;

  • it is written by an 'insider', a former high official of the European Commission and approaches the European affairs in a practical rather than in a theoretical way.


Part I: Treaties, Laws, Institutions

Chapter 1: Introduction to European Integration
Chapter 2: European Treaties
Chapter 3: European Law and Finances
Chapter 4: Structure and functions of European Institutions

Part II: Integration Stages

Chapter 5: Customs Union
Chapter 6: Common Market
Chapter 7: Economic and Monetary Union
Chapter 8: Towards a Political Union

Part III: Policies Concerning the Citizens

Chapter 9: Citizens Rights and Participation
Chapter 10: Information, Audiovisual and Cultural Policies
Chapter 11: Consumer Policy

Part IV: Horizontal Policies

Chapter 12: Regional Development Policy
Chapter 13: Social Progress Policies
Chapter 14: Taxation Policy
Chapter 15: Competition Policy
Chapter 16: Environment Policy

Part V: Sectoral Policies

Chapter 17: Industrial and Enterprise Policies
Chapter 18: Research and Technology Policy
Chapter 19: Energy Policy
Chapter 20: Common Transport Policy
Chapter 21: Agricultural Policy
Chapter 22: Common Fisheries Policy

Part VI: External Policies

Chapter 23: Common Commercial Policy
Chapter 24: Development Aid Policy
Chapter 25: External Relations


Index and Glossary


"That there are continuous updates of this book, available in English and French, is greatly to be welcomed... since this is a book that contains all that possibly could be required in a reference work on the European Community". Professor Elizabeth Meehan, Journal of European Integration, XVIII, 1994.

"I wish every success to this new edition of Access to European Union. It will make its readers citizens in full of the European Union, as they will be objectively informed and able to make an enlightened judgment about its situation and development." Emile Noël, Honorary Secretary General of the European Commission, Foreword, 1995.

"Access to European Union is a guide which helps the reader to follow the forward movement of the European Union and understand how it influences the lives of its citizens." Sir Leon Brittan, Vice-President of the European Commission, Foreword, 1996.

"The author should be congratulated in particular on his efforts to provide a structured and comprehensible view of a constantly changing system." José Maria Gil-Robles, President of the European Parliament, Foreword, 1999.

"Access to European Union is an invaluable publication for anyone who wants a factual source of reference about the European Union.", Neil Kinnock, Vice-President of the European Commission, Foreword, 2001.

"It is an invaluable publication for anyone who wishes to learn more about the nature and role of the European Union as it is now - and as it is likely to develop in the future." Chris Patten, Commissioner for External Relations. Foreword, 11th Edition, 2002.

"I admire the breadth, depth and relevance of the issues tackled in this book and believe it will be a useful reference, not only for students and 'practitioners', but also for any citizen who reads it." Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament, Preface 2003.

Your roadmap in the maze of the European Union.

Based on the book of Nicholas Moussis:
Access to European Union law, economics, policies

Translated into 14 languages

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