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The European Union with or without a constitution


- 1st edition -

Written by Nicholas Moussis, author of the well known book ''Access to European Union'', this book examines whether the European Union needs a Constitution in order to work with 27 Member States and progress towards its political integration. The author presents the main amendments to the European institutions brought about by the Constitution, which is actually in suspension after the negative referendums in France and the Netherlands. He proposes a new Constitution, democratically drafted by a Constituent Assembly and put in force after its ratification by the majority of the Member States.

Published: October 2005       Extent: 165 pages        Binding: Paperback

12.8 cm x 21 cm          ISBN: 2-930119-39-x      Price: €25 / £18/ $32

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Chapter 1. The European Integration Process
1.1 European Multinational Integration
1.2 Community method and intergovernmental method
1.3 The development of common policies

Chapter 2. Birth and growth of the Community/union
2.1The Original Six
2.2How the Six became Twenty-five
2.3The attractive force of the Union

Chapter 3. European Treaties
3.1 The original Treaties
3.2 The subsequent Treaties
3.3 The Constitutional Treaty

Chapter 4. European Governance
4.1 The European Council
4.2 The European Commission
4.3 The European Parliament
4.4 The Council of Ministers
4.5 The European Court of Justice

Chapter 5. The decision-making process
5.1 The principles of subsidiarity and proportionality
5.2 The co-decision procedure
5.3 The Comminty legal system
5.4 The finances of the Union

Chapter 6. The stages of integration
6.1 Customs Union
6.2 Common Market
6.3 Economic and Monetary Union
6.4 Towards a Political Union

Chapter 7. Conclusions
7.1 Appraisal of European integration
7.2 Perspectives of European integration


Your roadmap in the maze of the European Union.

Based on the book of Nicholas Moussis:
Access to European Union law, economics, policies

Translated into 14 languages

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