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1.5.  Outlook of European integration

  1. The information deficit of the European Union
  2. The absence of a common foreign policy
  3. For a really common foreign and security policy
  4. For a Political European Union
  5. Three concentric circles of European nations
  6. A European Political Union in the world

The constant evolution of all common policies, manifested in the continuous adoption of new and the amendment of old legislative acts, causes the endless evolution of the multinational integration process. In fact, the development of common policies creates ever-stronger economic and political links between the peoples of Europe. Paradoxically, the constant progress of integration in all fields demonstrates both the soundness and the imperfection of the European integration model. An organisation and a process that are in a state of permanent evolution can never be perfect. They can only be improved constantly. The "constant progress syndrome" is the strong point and the permanent challenge of the European model of integration. It means that the European Union will normally keep developing all the time, trying to reach an integration ideal that it will never attain, since ideals, by definition, cannot be completely achieved.

Although, due to the constant progress syndrome, the common policies examined in this book are expected to develop in scope and improve in efficiency over time, two are exceptionally sluggish: a common information policy and a common foreign and security policy. Both these failures are due to the reluctance of the Member States to entrust the common institutions with large scale tasks in these fields. They both cause the frustration of the citizens of the Union and endanger the very existence of the European integration model.

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