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9.  Citizens' rights and participation in the EU

  1. Citizenship of the European Union and its attributes
  2. EU citizens' rights and freedoms
  3. The defence of EU citizens' rights
  4. Human networks and multinational integration in the EU
  5. The so-called democratic deficit of the EU
  6. Appraisal and outlook of EU citizens' rights
  7. Bibliography on EU citizens' rights

In their great majority citizens ignore the many rights that they have acquired thanks to European integration, some of which are founded directly on the European Treaties (TEU and TFEU), but most are based on the policies and the legislation derived from them. This ignorance is due to deficient information of the general public by the European institutions [see sections 10.1.1 and 10.1.2], which should be enhanced by a vigorous common policy of the Union and the Member States [see section 10.1.3]. A good cooperation between European and national information sources is also necessary for an efficient protection of the health, safety and economic interests of European consumers [see chapter 11].

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Your roadmap in the maze of the European Union.

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