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16.3.  Reduction of pollution and nuisances in the EU

  1. Quality objectives for European waters
  2. Control of discharges into the aquatic environment of the EU
  3. EU's efforts to combat marine pollution
  4. EU's efforts to combat air pollution
  5. Prevention of industrial and chemical hazards in the EU
  6. EU's efforts to combat noise pollution

Nowadays the European Union accords priority to integrated pollution control as an important part of the move towards a more sustainable balance between human activity and socioeconomic development, on the one hand, and the resources and regenerative capacity of nature, on the other. A Directive establishes a general framework for integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) [Directive 2010/75]. It lays down measures designed to prevent or, where that is not practicable, to reduce emissions in the air, water and land from polluting industrial activities, including measures concerning waste, in order to achieve a high level of protection of the environment taken as a whole. This Directive is concerned with installations whose potential for pollution, and therefore transfrontier pollution, is significant, without prejudice to the Directive on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment and on natural resources [Directive 2011/92, last amended by Directive 2014/52, see sections 16.2.2 and 16.3.5]. It requires transboundary consultation concerning the licensing of new installations or substantial changes to installations which are likely to have significant negative environmental effects.

The efforts of the common environment policy to combat pollution and nuisances are more specifically directed towards: the fixing of quality objectives for European waters, the control of discharges into the aquatic environment of the European Union, efforts to combat sea and air pollution, the prevention of industrial accidents and efforts to combat noise pollution. These various groups of activity are examined in succession below.

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