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18.  EU research and technology policies

  1. The need for a European research policy
  2. The structure of the European research policy
  3. Euratom and the nuclear research of the EU
  4. Research activities of the European Union
  5. Appraisal and outlook of EU research and technology policies
  6. Bibliography on EU research and technology policies

Economic and social progress and the competitiveness of European States at world level come about through efficacious scientific research and technological development. European research, however, is handicapped in the international arena as a result of the fragmentation of research policies pursued in the Member States of the Union and the resulting dispersion of efforts. The common research and development policy is therefore essential for European integration. The aim of that policy is to coordinate national research policies and to define and implement research programmes of European interest, i.e. programmes geared to the large market, of interest to all Member States and necessitating technical and human resources which Member States cannot put together individually. At world level, only the coordinated research of the Member States can allow the European Union to play a leading role in vast international programmes such as the one on global change.

Common research policy is closely linked to the common industrial policy, which we have just examined, and to the common energy policy, which we shall examine in the next chapter. Indeed, research is essential for the definition of industrial strategy, especially in high-technology sectors, by offering a common reference basis for technology forecasting and development. It is also necessary for the promotion of reliable energy sources, which reduce Europe's dependence on imported oil, particularly for the development of thermonuclear fusion.

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