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24.  EU's development aid policy

  1. Objectives and instruments of EU's development aid policy
  2. EC-ACP Association
  3. Overseas countries and territories of the EU
  4. EU aid for sustainable development and conflict prevention
  5. The EU and the Generalised System of Preferences
  6. EU development cooperation at world level
  7. EU's aid in the fight against hunger and other afflictions
  8. Appraisal and outlook of EU's aid to development policy
  9. Bibliography on EU's development aid policy

Development aid reflects both the search for solidarity between the developed countries of the EU and the disadvantaged countries of the world and the economic necessity for the Union of guaranteeing its raw material supply and creating outlets for its products. Aware that advantages granted at world level, notably through the GATT and WTO negotiations mentioned in the previous chapter [see section 23.4], diminished the attractiveness of regional preferences, the EC/EU has been caught up in a process of continually expanding its aid to developing countries. It now views every agreement with developing countries as an instrument in an all-embracing political, social and economic development strategy.

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